Welcome to a new resolution.

Welcome to a new resolution.

I set out on the stereotypical ‘New Years Resolution’ in 2014. By the time I sat dozing through the fireworks at the end of the year I had gotten almost all the way there and was happy to call the box ticked (more on that soon*). I’m not often one to feel proud but I was about this achievement.

Starting a blog is not my attempt to become a writer. I’m a medical student with dreams of becoming a doctor. My eyes and passion are firmly set there. After a few years of study and the beginnings of a promising career I left my job as an exercise physiologist and ventured off into medical school unsure of what to expect and whether I would sink or swim. I’m not sure that I’m moving through the water like Thorpe, but I am at least confident now in my ability to float in this vast ocean that is a medical education.

This year will be my third in medical school and marks the transition to the ‘clinical’ years. I’m anticipating the return of the ‘deep-end’ feeling. I had better remember how to tread water.

I write today not to be profound but to set clear my goal for this blog.

I recently read an article in which an enormously successful, productive, and efficient businessman preached that all efforts, explanation and useful facts should be recorded. Long-winded emails explaining technical details should not see only one recipient (an action of which I have often been guilty). Instead, a little extra time should be spent simplifying them and turning that email into something that will make it to more eyes, will be comprehensible to more people. Most importantly, it should make it to others who will benefit.

The goal of this blog: Publish the simple explanations, the light-bulb moments, the little facts and knick-knacks that I find useful during my medical education. I will do this in an effort to disseminate them to more eyes, more brains, more people. To inspire. To educate.

This blog will be the point of publication for the bits, pieces and musings from my remaining time as a medical student. It will be my outlet and it is my resolution for 2015 to write and publish something every week.

I hope it brings something to your table.

*My 2014 New Years Resolution. I like to run. Not because I’m particularly great at it, but because I like the challenge. Speed doesn’t really interest me, I’m about distance. So far the furthest is 101.5km but on the cards somewhere will be the elusive 100 miler… Anyway. For 2014 I wanted to be consistent. What could be more consistent than every day right? So, ‘Can I run every day?’ was the question I went into 2014 asking.

The answer: I ran on all but four days of the year. Three of the missed days were down to pure forgetfulness and one was after a family emergency. I ran multiple times on many days and clocked up that 101.5km on one of the days (took me 12 hours 42 minutes and yes I still ran the day after), and managed a very late night run each time I stumbled home after a night on the town.


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